About Olga Romanova


My name is Olga  Romanova, for many years  I  have been working as a    celebrity makeup artist and  a beauty expert for a large  number of international  brands, and several years  ago I created my own  brand of decorative  cosmetics and false  eyelashes  Romanovamakeup.
How it all started

I became interested in everything connected with beauty as a child. I loved to watch my mother going through her makeup bag and applying eyeliner, and even tried to make the same eyeliner on myself with a felt-tip pen a couple of times before going to kindergarten. I encountered a professional makeup early enough. At eleven, my mother took me to a model school. At a special class, a professional makeup artist told us about cosmetics and taught us how to do makeup for castings and filming. The model school didn't work out for me, but I did my makeup perfectly — without overdoing it, I skillfully hid the flaws and emphasised the features. In parallel, I studied at art school; The basic knowledge gained there has become the foundation of the future profession.

The way to the stars

When it came time to decide on my studies, the profession of "makeup artist" in our country was only in its infancy, and I chose a completely different direction - tourism. But fate itself decreed for me. Quite by chance, I got a job in a nightclub. After classes at the university every night I did makeup for girl dancers - it was a great experience, thanks to which I learned to work with different people, and to emphasize individuality.

That summer I went to the “Persona” stylists and makeup artists school, which at that time were the best in their business. There, I finally realized that the profession of a “makeup artist” was not only interesting for me, it was my passion. After there were many courses, workshops, trainings in Russia and abroad. And so it began.

Over the years that have passed since then, I have gained invaluable experience - I worked in the film industry, television, fashion shows, magazine shoots, and run master classes; spent three years on a TV project about the makeover transformations “Catch in 24 hours” as co-host. The brightest stars of show business trust me their faces, in particular, Keti Topuriya and Elka, who I work with on a regular basis as a personal makeup artist

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