Sexy Eyeshadow Palette ROSE & PEONIES


Product code: RM57
Brand: Romanovamakeup
Color/model: ROSE & PEONIES

Dear friends, I present to you a long-awaited Sexy Eyeshadow Palette collection. There are three palettes in the collection. This launch is particularly special for me, because two of the palettes were made in collaboration with two very fierce and successful stars - singers Keti Topuria and Elka - and one palette is my own, and it is also very special.

ROSE & PEONIES is a multifaceted and unusual combination of colors. Try it for yourself and your makeup will never be the same again. Fresh line-up of shades will create looks filled with playful accents, and you will feel like you just took a sip of the crispiest icy Rose while lounging on a seaside. 

The Sexy Eyeshadow Palette is a continuation of the Sexy Nude Powder series known for its very light airy texture. When creating these palettes, I wanted to make them very versatile, comfortable and easy to use.

My main goal in the palettes development process was to really focus on the difference in textures to incorporate varying density, pigmentation and finishes into one single product. I put particular emphasis on formulas that would allow every woman to effortlessly master perfect shading and smooth transitions that I love so much in makeup application.

There are three variations in the Sexy Eyeshadow Palette line. Every palette consists of 9 distinct shades, each with its very own texture and density. Some shades are designed to be applied softly and easily as base, while others are perfect for blending and ensuring smooth transitions between colors. There are also shades for deepening the crease and enhancing the lash line for a perfectly saturated contour. Special treats are added dazzling luxurious shades for mesmerizing accents.

About Brand

Romanovamakeup Is a brand of unique decorative cosmetics and false eyelashes made of real fur, which was founded in Moscow by a professional celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Olga Romanova. Seeking to fill a clear gap in the Russian beauty market, in the spring of 2014, Olga launched the production of the first batch of false eyelashes made of real fur, which brought Romanovamakeup brand wide recognition among both professionals and amateurs. An extensive line of hand-picked premium-class natural eyelashes based on Olga's sketches allows you to choose the ideal model for any eye shape. The uniqueness of the Romanovamakeup eyelashes is that the structure of real fur exactly duplicates the natural eyelash, tapering like a needle to a tip. That is why they look very natural even with a strong volume and elongation. Another distinctive feature of the Romanovamakeup eyelashes is the possibility of their multiple uses (at least 20 times, and with careful handling, much longer). Besides real fur eyelashes, Olga produces a more affordable series of silk lashes made of high-quality synthetic fiber. Created for actively working makeup artists, it was unexpectedly loved by non-professionals. Never before have false eyelashes looked so real! Together with leading German and Korean cosmetic laboratories, since 2015, Olga has been producing her own cosmetic line. “every woman should have the ability to make herself beautiful in a matter of minutes without much effort”, it was this desire that prompted Olga to expand the line and create decorative cosmetics that are of the same quality as leading professional brands, but at the same time are in a more affordable price segment, and most importantly convenient and easy to use for both self-makeup and for creating special looks by professional makeup artists. Innovation and uncompromising approach to quality and ease of use are the main principles of Romanovamakeup, where each product created by Olga Romanova, who has gained undeniable authority in the professional community and has become a real trendsetter in the beauty industry over the years. “when I was creating my own cosmetic line, I focused on a modern, active and very demanding woman with perfect makeup, who doesn’t have to waste her time on fixing it. That is why I used the latest developments and formulas of one of the most advanced laboratories in the world.” – Olga Romanova.


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Sexy make up

Beautiful and natural make up

Amazing sexy eye shadow pallet

I live this amazing products. Eyeshadow palette is amazing. Service wonderful. I so happy to have all this in my collection. Continue to order again of course ❤️❤️


Love this palette


I adore this pallette😍

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